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AI as Your Second Set of Eyes: Boosting Quality and Effectiveness

Welcome back to our enlightening series, ‘Value Creation with AI’. Today, in Part 2, we’re unpacking the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, particularly the GPT-4 model, in diverse professional scenarios. In this exploration, we delve into the concept of AI as a ‘second set of eyes, augmenting our skills and offering insightful assistance. From enhancing […]

Unleashing the Potential of AI Summarization in Different Sectors

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a fantastical concept found only in sci-fi movies. It’s here, impacting various sectors and streamlining processes like never before. Today, we’re excited to delve into creating value with AI through summarization, a feature of Large Language Models like OpenAI’s GPT-4, in the first installment of […]

How to Shift to a Digital Business Model

This post is for you if:  Digital business models are redefining commerce and modern life at an ever-increasing rate. This blog post defines the common elements of digital business models and notes the most common types.  Shifting your business to a digital model requires changes to your core business operations resulting in differentiation from your […]