With Microsoft Azure Bot Service, you are given the ability to build intelligent, enterprise-grade bots with ownership and full control of your data. Depending on your business’ goals, you may begin with a simple Q & A or build a sophisticated virtual assistant.

Through comprehensive open source SDK and tools, you can easily connect your bot to popular channels and devices and give your bot the ability to speak, listen, and understand your users with native integration to Azure Cognitive Services.

Why Microsoft Bot Framework?

AI and Natural Language

By using Microsoft Bot Framework you can create a bot with the ability to speak, listen, understand, and learn from your users’ behavior, actions, and/or queries.

Open and Extensible

Create bots that are able to interact with users naturally anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions

With Microsoft Bot Framework’s secure, global, and scalable solutions, you have the ability to integrate your bots with your existing IT ecosystem.

Ownership and Control

Create an AI experience that can extend your brand all the while keeping your data secure. On top of that, you have full control over your data ensuring you have full visibility on how they are used, shared and accessed.

Engage with Customers in a Conversational Manner

  • Virtual assistant: Allow your customer to interact with your services wherever they are. Get started within minutes and then extended using Microsoft’s end-to-end development tooling with the help our of expert bot framework consultants.
  • Customer care: Provide personalized customer support and continuously improve how you assist your customers. Make your service available and accessible on any channel or device.
  • Enterprise: Leverage AI to empower your organization to be able to more effectively connect with people, tasks, information, and services in a conversational experience.

How can we help?

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