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What is Power Automate?

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow is a service within Microsoft’s Power Platform that helps businesses create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and many more.

With Power Automate, you can quickly and easily automate your workflows, enable business logic to simplify app building, and model your processes across connected data sources and services. Power Automate can also help to design logic for your Power Apps without the need of writing code. Simply use the point-and-click flow designers and build out your business logic in no time.

Why use Power Automate?

Performance and Scalability

  • Power Automate is executed outside the Common Data Services (CDS), which means executing a large number of workflows won’t affect system performance.

Simplified Design and Administration

  • With its built-in modern and flexible designer, Power Automate enables you to drag and drop, rearrange, and copy and paste redundant steps between your workflows.
  • Power Automate can list, create, update, and delete records that are indirectly related or completely unrelated to the record on which the process is triggered. Its flexibility enables capabilities that are impossible to do with a D365 workflow like updating child records when a parent record is updated or deleted.

Seamless Integration with Hundreds of Software Applications even those without APIs

  • Power Automate seamlessly integrates with SharePoint project management tools, SharePoint workflows, and other systems that your organization may already be using.
  • Aside from easily connecting with other Microsoft products, Power Automate also communicates with ease with other programs.

Easy, Fast, and Secure

  • Users need not have any technical knowledge regarding coding or complex technology to create workflows.
  • With Power Automate’s data protection features, users can create workflows that exclude certain data sets, eliminating the risk of data leaks.


  • It’s very easy to create multi-step workflows using Power Automate’s template-driven interface. Moreover, Power Automate’s strong user community has published hundreds of predefined templates for other users to use.

Built-in AI Builder

  • Using the same AI Builder feature that drives Power Apps, you can build cognitive artificial intelligence services into your workflows.

Mobile-enabled. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Users can create and manage application workflows using the Microsoft Power Automate mobile. This means that team members can access automated workflows even if they are not in the office.

Cost-efficient and Fast Deployment

  • No hardware installations needed. Power Automate is a cloud-based operation which means you need not invest in on-premise hardware.

What can your business achieve with Power Automate?

Improved and streamlined business processes.
Increased workforce satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.
Data-driven decisions.
Better customer experience.

Power Automate in Action

Toyota Motors – Travel Approval Workflow

  • Toyota Motors North America management needs to quickly implement a system to track and approve field visits and ensure that travelers are comfortable with travel requirements because many of their employees are always traveling to visit business locations, dealers, and suppliers. Using Power Automate, armed only with general knowledge about the tool, an engineer from the company’s Quality Division was able to create and deploy a powerful solution in a span of only two weeks.
  • The Microsoft Forms and Power Automate-based solution was originally intended for his direct team. But since the higher management found it to be very useful, it was immediately expanded to be used by the entire company.
  • Using the data from the process, another Toyota employee then used Power BI to build a dashboard giving the executive team full awareness of the location and status of all employees who are traveling. Furthermore, another employee created an app using Power Apps for contact logging during approved travels.

Coca-Cola United – Streamlined Order Management

  • Coca-Cola Bottling Company United directly supplies products to 200,000 retailers and restaurants. When it introduced its new Freestyle Vending Machine, which depends on cartridges that are delivered to the customer, they had to streamline their order and invoicing procedures to scale to the demand because the innovation collided with their supply chain.
  • The company’s cartridge replacement process required a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) agent to manually push it through a complex 11-step process involving multiple separate systems. With an agent only being able to process 50 Freestyle orders, and nearly 50,000 orders in the queue, they needed to find a solution that would automate repetitive processes across Windows and different web applications.
  • Using Power Automate, Coca-Cola was able to come up with an ideal solution where when a CRM agent enters an order into the CRM system, a desktop flow (RPA) signs in to the SAP system, access orders that are now tracked in a Microsoft Azure SQL database rather than an Excel spreadsheet, and creates a purchase order. This automated workflow will then submit the order to the supplier’s web applications and monitors the email system for invoice and delivery emails and extracts information from the attachments to close the process in the Accounts Payable system. All these processed uses desktop flows (RPA) running in an unattended mode.

Kobe City, Japan – Automated Telephone Service

  • In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in Kobe, a city in Japan, about 99% of its 1.5 million citizens applied for a special livelihood subsidy. The city government of Kobe was overwhelmed by 40,000 daily calls from citizens checking the status of their application so officials needed to find a way to quickly address each of the concerns.
  • In a span of only one month, an IT manager and two Microsoft MVPs created an automated telephone service using Twilio, a communication API service that connects to Microsoft Dataverse via Power Automate. Using this telephone service, citizens simply need to enter their Special Cash Payment program application number. When Power Automate receives the request, it will query the application status stored in Dataverse and will respond back to Twilio which will then play an automated message relaying the status to the citizen. This solution reduced the call volume by 90 percent, from 40,000 to 4,000 calls a day.

Power Automate Ideas

Healthcare Industry

  • Automating the transfer of test results into the electronic health record system
  • Help desk processes automation
  • Automated patient admission and discharge process
  • Staff schedule rotation and onboarding
  • Automated approval workflow
  • Billing and claims automation

Construction Industry

  • Automated autonomous machinery operation
  • Automated invoicing
  • Document management automation
  • Reports management automation
  • Working area surveys automation using drones

Manufacturing Industry

  • Data tracking and document processing automation
  • Order management automation
  • Distribution and logistics processes automation
  • Automated customer service during out of office hours

Retail Industry

  • Return processing automation
  • HR processes automation (i.e. onboarding, offboarding, payroll, and reporting)
  • Inventory management automation
  • Freight management automation
  • Sales and Marketing Processes automation

Finance Industry

  • Automated validation processes
  • Automated accounts payable processes
  • Automate loan application processes

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Automated data analytics for exploration and production
  • Automated safety checks
  • Automated real-time testing and calculations
  • Automated supply chain management
With Power Apps, your options are endless.

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