Sharepoint Online is a cloud-based iteration of Sharepoint – Microsoft’s classic business collaboration platform which comes with complete access to all Sharepoint functionality but without purchasing and maintaining expensive infrastructure. So if your company is looking for a powerful communication and file-sharing tool, Sharepoint Online should be on top of your list of tools to consider. With its easy, low-cost implementation, and no IT expertise or servers needed, it is indeed the ideal choice for businesses whether big or small.

Sharepoint Online can be purchased as a stand-alone service or bundled with Office 365 with plans as low as $5.00 per month.

Why Sharepoint Online?

Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere

With Sharepoint Online, your employees have continual secure access to all the resources they need regardless of where they work. Your organization’s information can be easily accessed from a desktop, smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices without comprising its security. The new Sharepoint app offers increased Sharepoint accessibility and functionality on mobile devices.

Productivity and Scalability

By using Sharepoint Online, you are encouraging employee collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and workflow creation. With its built-in dashboards, you have the ability to see updates on a team or project level at a glance. Being highly-customizable, it can be designed to seamlessly integrate all your company’s shared content. Its scalable technology adjusts to your business’ growing needs.

Automatic, Free Updates

Sharepoint Online comes with automatic and free updates from Microsoft. And what does this mean to your organization? No more postponed upgrades due to costs ensuring your company’s productivity isn’t sacrificed. Sharepoint’s automatic updates also include top-notch security patches to adhere to compliance requirements. Moreover, it comes with disaster protection through redundant data backups.

How can we help?

Sharepoint Online is a massive platform rich with features having vast capabilities that your business can take advantage of through expert help. We will help you understand and decide whether Sharepoint Online could solve particular issues within your organization or if there’s a need for you to come up with customizations to ensure your business’ needs are met.

Our experts at Proactive Logic have years of extensive experience with various Microsoft Platforms making us more than confident of providing you with professional help to get started with Sharepoint Online. We’ve been helping organizations for years to find the right collaboration solution that fits their business’ needs.

We will provide you with end-to-end support from advisory, planning, and roadmap, to deployment, customization, and user training.

We understand that upgrading business functions to a new platform can cost a significant amount of time and financial resources. But with our Sharepoint expertise, we will help you find the right Sharepoint solution that would meet and fit your business’ needs.

Talk to us today and we will connect you with one of our Sharepoint specialists to discuss your specific requirements.

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