Welcome fellow leader,

If you landed here, you are in a select group of executives that know technology can drive efficiencies. My definition of technology is: “an enabler that allows you to do more with less.”

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that 50% of current knowledge work can be automated with today’s technologies.

Your download is below, but before you move on, I want to paint a picture of why 2022 is the year to start automating. Let me explain…

In 2022, we are in a new world. Software is now the business of every business, and automation is the key driver of efficiency.

It’s hard to believe, but we are only at the beginning of digital transformation. The business world ten years from now will look much different than today. The thriving companies will have found ways for technology to automate processes in their value chain.

The pandemic took the technology gas pedal and floored it. Covid made technology urgent, forcing change. It took the technology “should haves” and made them “must haves.”

Let’s face it. Today, employees and customers expect more.

They use apps like Amazon and Facebook in their personal lives. Attached to their hip, is technology that’s fast, efficient, and just works. Amazon gets them anything they want, cheap, fast, and reliably.

Can the same be said about your business? The bar is high; thanks, Jeff!

Internally, employees are inefficient. They often manage processes across spreadsheets, emails, chat, and various ad hoc systems. They sing a song that goes, “Copy paste. Click, click, click. Edit, get it wrong, fix, fix, fix.”

Executives can sing a similar song, “There’s my margin going out the window.”

Externally, customers see quality issues, lag, and higher costs because high-cost resources perform low-value tasks.

I know what you are thinking, “Jon, those big tech companies have massive budgets!”

The bad news is, that you are right but your employees and customers don’t care!

The good news is, that technology is getting easier and faster today for everyone to deliver world-class solutions, so you do not need a $1bn IT budget to make an impact.

This takes me to ROI. Tech is costly to implement, so is there really an ROI?

Sometimes no; however, in many cases, it’s a giant business changing YES!

While efficiency is a beautiful thing, efficiency is just the start of value creation. With the right approach, automation will deliver additional benefits. Automating processes has considerable second and third-order consequences including:

  • Improved employee morale – humans doing human work, not robotic work
  • Reduced human error leads to fewer quality issues
  • Standardization
  • Scalability
  • More time for strategic work
  • Audit trails and compliance
  • Measurability and KPIs
  • Cost savings and reduced headcount
  • Improved customer experience with faster turnaround times

Now while we love to automate and it’s critical to value creation, some things should not be automated. See the Elon Musk “the most critical mistake” video below.

The first step in automation is defining a current state and future state process with a pragmatic path to get there. We help companies identify what steps can be removed, which ones should be automated, and which steps can be automated today.

As one CFO we worked with so eloquently stated, “I don’t want to automate crap.” And as Elon says, “the number one mistake is automating something that simply should not exist.”

We help executives define a strategy that removes process steps that should not exist and then automate the high value, high transaction, tedious processes that should be offloaded from humans.

If you’re an executive that wants to drive efficiency, schedule your one-on-one call with me, Jon Kragh, CEO of Proactive Logic Consulting, a boutique technology consulting firm servicing middle market companies. Our sweet spot is $100m to $500m yearly revenue companies where automation produces significant ROI. Our team members have backgrounds in big tech and have worked with the largest investors in the world to optimize their portfolio companies.

Use the scheduling link to book a free strategy call (a $500 value) to find new ways to save time, avoid unnecessary pain, and make more money.

We would love the opportunity to help you define and execute your winning strategy to drive efficiency.

I look forward to connecting,

Jon Kragh

We will help you execute Elon’s process to avoid costly mistakes.

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